Pressure Washer Rescue Blog
  1. How To Install a Shaft Key

    Step 1) Make a small dent in the shaft key using a hammer.

    Step 2) Insert the shaft key into the groove of the engine shaft. 
    The dent should face downward into the groove.
  2. Diagnosing a Pressure Washer Chemical Injector
  3. How To Find Your Pressure Washer Model Number
    For most pressure washers, the model number sticker will be on the base cart like the examples in the images below. If there is a revision number, please be sure to include this number when looking for parts.
  4. Winterizing Your Pressure Washer

    While it might be dry and warm inside for you, your pressure washer can be at risk of damage due to freezing.  Every spring we get flooded with calls from people that go to use their pressure washer only to find damage to the head, usually a small crack.
  5. The heart of any pressure washer is the pressure pump. The pressure pump provides the force that turns your regular garden hose water tap flow into the high pressure spray you need to get the job done.

    Pressure pump failure can manifest itself by having low water pressure, but no apparent leaks coming from your pressure washer.

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