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How To Find Your Pressure Washer Model Number
For most pressure washers, the model number sticker will be on the base cart like the examples in the images below. If there is a revision number, please be sure to include this number when looking for parts.
(Revision number is sometimes identified with the abbreviation "REV.")



If your model number is not in the location shown above, try checking the location shown in the next image below. There are a few pressure washer brands that may put them in this location.

If you are still having trouble finding your model number, try the locations in the photos below. This location is common for newer Troy-Bilt Pressure Washers.

Keep in mind the the model number of the pressure washer is different than the engine. For most pressure washer parts, it is important to use the model number of the pressure washer to find parts, however if you are looking for engine specific parts, you will need the engine model number. Here are some examples of where you can find a pressure washer engine model number.

Honda Engine Examples:

Engine model numbers usually consist of an Engine "Model, Type, and Code". Sometimes it is necessary for you to use all three pieces of model information in order to find the correct parts. If you are looking for engine parts, be sure to include this information.
If you are still unable to find your model number contact us at 888-279-9274 or send an email to our support department at 
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