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Husky HU80714 Pressure Washer Replacement Parts

Husky HU80714 Pressure Washer Replacement Parts

Husky gas HU80714  Pressure Washer Replacement Parts

Husky HU80714 pressure washer replacement parts

Husky, HU80714 Pressure Washer Replacement Parts
HU80714 Breakdown
HU80714 Owners Manual
Engine Parts for HU80714

The 2 pumps shown below will fit this model, we recommend the PWVR Pump shown below.
When mounted the PWVR upgrade pump hose connections will come out the opposite direction making it easier to connect the hoses.

HU80714 Pressure Washer Parts

HU80714 Owners ManualHU80714 Owners Manual
Original OEM PumpOriginal OEM Pump
2.5 @2700 PSI2.5 @2700 PSI
25' Hose, Gun, Wand, Tip Kit,25' Hose, Gun, Wand, Tip Kit,
Trigger GunTrigger Gun
Pressure HosePressure Hose
50' 1/4" 3,200 22mm50' 1/4" 3,200 22mm
Tips- 3.0 sizeTips- 3.0 size
Turbo Nozzle - 3,000 PSITurbo Nozzle - 3,000 PSI
18" Extension Goes between gun and original wand18" Extension Goes between gun and original wand


Original OEM Pump (SKU: 308653003)Original OEM Pump (SKU: 308653003)
PUMP HEAD KIT,  Not Available (SKU: 1001.6677)PUMP HEAD KIT, Not Available (SKU: 1001.6677)
Unloader Valve Assembly 42118 (SKU: AR42118)Unloader Valve Assembly 42118 (SKU: AR42118)
Outlet Tube (SKU: 190634Gs)Outlet Tube (SKU: 190634Gs)
OEM Inlet Tube (SKU: 190632GS)OEM Inlet Tube (SKU: 190632GS)
Check Valve Kit (SKU: AR2233)Check Valve Kit (SKU: AR2233)
O-Ring Kit (SKU: AR2237)O-Ring Kit (SKU: AR2237)
Oil Seal Kit (SKU: AR2236)Oil Seal Kit (SKU: AR2236)
Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: RMW INJ KIT)Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: RMW INJ KIT)
RMW Series - EZ Start Kit (SKU: RMW-EZ-KIT)RMW Series - EZ Start Kit (SKU: RMW-EZ-KIT)
RM Series Jet Kit (SKU: RMWJET-KIT)RM Series Jet Kit (SKU: RMWJET-KIT)
Thermal Relief Valve - 1/4" (SKU: TPP140-14)Thermal Relief Valve - 1/4" (SKU: TPP140-14)
Pump Oil (SKU: 85.490.000)Pump Oil (SKU: 85.490.000)

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