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Unloader Valve Assembly 42118
Unloader Valve Assembly 42118
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AR42118 Parts list, Comes Fully Assembled

While this AR42118 comes completely assembled.  Here is a list of parts you will find all included for you:

  • Part number AR2760400 the Piston, quantity of one.
  • AR2260100 an O-Ring in a quantity of one.
  • One O-ring with a part number of AR660190.
  • The ring AR2760210, quantity of one.
  • A piston guide part numbered AR2840750.
  • Four o-rings with a number of AR740290.
  • O-ring number AR820510 times one.
  • A By-Pass Jet that is number AR2840760, quantity of one.
  • One seat numbered AR2840770.
  • Another o-ring numbered AR1470210.
  • A nut with a part number of AR1980300.
  • Grub screw AR392840 times 1.
  • The handle insert part number AR2760480.
  • Two plate springs numbered AR1980220.
  • One spring with a number of AR2760410.

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