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Product Description

Mecline VHP70-440 Stainless Steel AISI 303 Unloader Valve 6,380 PSI. With working pressures up to 5,800 PSI and flows up to 21.0 GPM

• Positioning of all O-Ring seals before the threads, for greater mechanical strength
• New shutter axially guided, for greater stability at high flow rates
• Stainless Steel seat and shutter of new shape, designed by fluid dynamics study to eliminateinstabilities and turbulences with great benefit in terms of long life.
• Stem with new internal anti-rotation system, for greater life
• Stem O-Ring seal Ø 3,53 (0.14”) is placed fixed on the connecting stem guide to allow the stroke of the Stainless Steel stem on O-Ring, increasing the life
• Maximum pressure safety lock.
• Minimum and Maximum pressure regulation lock

• Spring Color: Blue
• Rated Pressure: 5,800 PSI
• Permissible Pressure: 6,380 PSI
• Rated Temperature: 194° F
• Rated Flow Rate: 21.0 GPM
• Material: All metallic parts are in stainless steel AISI 303
• Inlet Port: 1/2" F
• Outlet Port: 1/2” F
• Bypass Port: 1/2” F
• Gauge Port: 1/4" F 
• Note: Picture shown is model with black spring 
• Weight: 73.72 Oz

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