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Upgrade Pump
Upgrade Pump
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(For pumps that have a 15mm ID pump connector)

* Max. 3,200 psi
* Max 2.7 gpm
* 3400-3600 RPM
* 3/4” Hollow Shaft Drive
* 3/4" Garden Hose Connector
* 3/8" MPT Outlet 
* Built-in Unloader
* Built-in Chemical Injector
* Stainless Steel Check Valves
* Forged Brass Manifold

* Pump pre-Filled with oil
* 15mm Connector

* Thermal Valve included!!
* Repair Parts Available
* Oil Sight Glass
* Oil Drain Plug

You can perform oil maintenance on the upgrade pump and make it last even longer!
Change oil after every 25-50 hours of use.

See pump oil below
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