7110110 Check Valve kit,
7110110 Check Valve kit,
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7110110 SIMPSON Check valve kit
( 6 valves w/O-rings as shown )

The 7110110 Valve Repair kit is the comes valve repair kit with 6 assembled replacement pressure valves for the intake and discharge ports on the Aluminum body OEM Technologies pressure washer pumps.

These FNA Group 7110110 Pressure valve kits were used on the 520004 and 520006 model pressure washer pumps.

Service Note:
See Instructions to make sure all components of the old pressure valve have been removed.
If all components of the old pressure valves are not removed damage will occur on newly installed valves.

Each of the valves in the 7110110 kit has the following approximate dimensions:

Metal base with "O" ring: 11.880 mm
Spring cage at top : 11.420mm
Length from metal base to the top of the spring cage: 13.990mm
Diameter of small projection on spring cage: 6.550mm
Length of small projection: 3.052mm
Total length of valve: 16.898mm

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