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240 VAC 5199707U
240 VAC 5199707U
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5199707U – Beckett Powerlight Igniter Assembly for M-240VAC

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Fits Wayne M-240VAC Models
  • 20 kV peak rating guarantees quick and efficient ignition.
  • Small size and lightweight (approx. 1.1 lbs.).
  • A vacuum encapsulation process using a synthetic resin provides resistance to moisture and excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation.
  • Case material is a high-temperature thermoplastic that provides high impact strength and scratch resistance, and is impenetrable to most chemicals.
  • Adapts to multiple baseplates--making it the most versatile unit on the market...it will also fit on many other vendors' transformer baseplates.
  • Case design has 'breakout' sections at the rear and side for lead wire exit and a hood to neatly cover and protect these wires where required.

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