Instructions - Adjusting Pressure Output
Please follow these steps when attempting to adjust output pressure:

1. Loosen nut that is closest to the unloader spring (see image below)

2. Connect hoses and turn on water supply to the pressure washer.

3. Depress trigger of the gun to ensure that water is on and cycling through the pump properly (water should come out of the gun at low pressure without starting the pressure washer)

4. Start pressure washer 

5. If any leaks are detected, please address them before proceeding any further

6. Depress the trigger and hold while simultaneously tightening the nut against the unloader spring (output pressure should be noticeably higher and engine should also sound increasing labored as Step 6 is performed)

7. Once the pressure is no longer increasing or engine is laboring too hard, loosen the nut by 1/2 turn and let off the trigger of the gun

8. When the trigger is released the pump should go into bypass mode and the engine load should be minimal.  If this does not happen, loosen the nut another 1/4 to 1/2 turn until the pump goes into bypass mode.

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