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GX160 Honda Engine Replacement Parts
GX160 Honda Engine Replacement Parts & Breakdowns

The GX160 engine has been around for many years
& not all GX160's are the same. Listed below are the most
common parts for the engines made in the last 10 years.
For that reason we advise you that not all of these parts
will be correct for your GX160. 
Email or call us with the code on the side of the engine
so we can look up the correct parts with you.

GX160 Honda Engine Replacement Parts & Breakdowns

HONDA 6.5HP (SKU: GX200)HONDA 6.5HP (SKU: GX200)
7.0 hp Engine (210cc) (SKU: 85.570.070)7.0 hp Engine (210cc) (SKU: 85.570.070)
Air Filter for select HONDA Engines (SKU: 100-784)Air Filter for select HONDA Engines (SKU: 100-784)
Wing Nut for HONDA Filters (SKU: 416-850)Wing Nut for HONDA Filters (SKU: 416-850)
GX160, GX200 Recoil Assembly (SKU: 150-703)GX160, GX200 Recoil Assembly (SKU: 150-703)
Recoil Flange Bolt (SKU: 150-715)Recoil Flange Bolt (SKU: 150-715)
Fuel Tank (SKU: 125-560)Fuel Tank (SKU: 125-560)
Gas Cap Metal (SKU: 125-368)Gas Cap Metal (SKU: 125-368)
Gas Cap Plastic (SKU: 125-364)Gas Cap Plastic (SKU: 125-364)
Vent Gas cap (SKU: 17620-Z4H-900)Vent Gas cap (SKU: 17620-Z4H-900)
Fuel Filter (SKU: 120-414)Fuel Filter (SKU: 120-414)
Fuel Filter Joint Assembly (SKU: 120-327)Fuel Filter Joint Assembly (SKU: 120-327)
Muffler and Shroud (SKU: 105-709)Muffler and Shroud (SKU: 105-709)
Muffler Deflector Screw (SKU: 110-418)Muffler Deflector Screw (SKU: 110-418)
Muffler Deflector (SKU: 110-410)Muffler Deflector (SKU: 110-410)
Muffler Gasket (SKU: 486-511)Muffler Gasket (SKU: 486-511)
Oil Drain Plug (SKU: 125-680)Oil Drain Plug (SKU: 125-680)
DIPSTICK (SKU: 125-692)DIPSTICK (SKU: 125-692)
Oil Plug & Seal (SKU: 125-684)Oil Plug & Seal (SKU: 125-684)
GX110--GX200 KIT (SKU: 785-648)GX110--GX200 KIT (SKU: 785-648)
Spark Plug Cap (SKU: 135-226)Spark Plug Cap (SKU: 135-226)
Spark Plug F7RTC (SKU: 130-823)Spark Plug F7RTC (SKU: 130-823)
Gasket Set (SKU: 480-375)Gasket Set (SKU: 480-375)
Carburetor (SKU: 520-722)Carburetor (SKU: 520-722)
Carburetor Spacer (SKU: 485-181)Carburetor Spacer (SKU: 485-181)
Oil Level Switch (SKU: 120-101)Oil Level Switch (SKU: 120-101)
Solid State Module (SKU: 440-105)Solid State Module (SKU: 440-105)
Needle Valve (SKU: 525-699)Needle Valve (SKU: 525-699)
Carburetor FLOAT Set (SKU: 525-663)Carburetor FLOAT Set (SKU: 525-663)
NUT, Flange, 6MM (SKU: 94050-06000)NUT, Flange, 6MM (SKU: 94050-06000)
Carburetor Bowl Assembly (SKU: 525-422)Carburetor Bowl Assembly (SKU: 525-422)
Connecting Rod (SKU: 510-510)Connecting Rod (SKU: 510-510)
Governor Spring (SKU: 16561-ZE1-020)Governor Spring (SKU: 16561-ZE1-020)
Piston (SKU: 515-446)Piston (SKU: 515-446)
Piston RingS (SKU: 500-229)Piston RingS (SKU: 500-229)
Bearing (SKU: 230-605)Bearing (SKU: 230-605)

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