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  1. What type of oil do I use?
    Engine: Refer to the engine manual for recommendations.
    Pump: Refer to the manual for type and quantity (if needed)
    Note* Pumps are shipped with oil from the factory
  2. My pressure washer will not start
    Have you added gasoline?
    Is the engine on/off switch in the on position?
    Has the engine been choked or primed?
    Is there an adequate amount of oil in the engine?
    Note* Some engines are equipped with a low-oil shutdown
    Is fuel valve in the "open" position? (If applicable)
  3. How do I apply chemicals? Wand must be in the low pressure setting.
    Note* Multi-Reg nozzle must be pushed out. Black nozzle should be inserted in the quick connect wand
    Chemical hose must be attached to the pump and fully submerged in the chemical solution
  4. How do I adjust the pressure of the unit?
    Refer to the manual for several suggestions for safely lowering the pressure of the unit.
  5. I don’t seem to have enough water pressure?
    Do you have adequate water supply? (20 psi, 5 gpm)
    Are your hoses free of kinks or leaks?
    Is your wand in the high pressure setting?
    Note* Nozzle pushed in on the multi-reg and one of the colored nozzles for the quick connect wand
    Is the spray nozzle obstructed? Is so, clean and replace (see manual)
    Use a maximum length of 100’ of high pressure hose.
    Has anyone allowed the unit to run for longer than two minutes without depressing the trigger on the spray gun? (If so see an Authorized Warranty Service Center.)
  6. What type of chemical and soaps are safe to use?
    Use only chemicals labeled safe for pressure washers.
    Do not use bleach or any corrosive compound. This may cause damage to the pump.
  7. How do I drain the oil?
    Engine: Refer to the engine manual for instructions.
    Pump: Refer to the operations manual for instructions.
  8. Where can I purchase parts and accessories?
     For Replacement parts call 1-888,279-9274 Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm p.s.t.
  9. Where can I call if I have any other questions or problems?
    Call us at 1-888-279-9274, Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm p.s.t.
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