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Technical Specifications

Max Flow:  2.4
Pressure Range:  100 psi - 3,000 psi
Shaft Diameter:  7/8"
Inlet Port Size:  3/4" GH
Discharge Port Size:  14mm
RPM:  3450
Drive Type(s):  Direct
Material:  Aluminum


5 YEAR LIMITTED WARRANTY longest vertical pump warranty only offered by pwpump.com.
PRE-FILLED WITH OIL just bolt-n-go.
THERMAL RELIEF VALVE included when you purchase your pump from pwpump.com.
UNLOADER built in.
300 HOUR use rating.
REPAIR PARTS available.


This is a vertical mount pump, constructed of an aluminum manifold, easy-to-service with readily available repair parts, stainless steel plungers and standard NBR seals and o-rings. The PWV pumps offer high quality and exceptional life for the portable pressure washer market. The PWV is a 3-leg, hollow-shafted pump designed to bolt directly onto a gas engine drive, providing easy, compact installation. The PWV pump comes standard with a built-in Unloader with built-in By-Pass and fixed Chemical Injector.

Before You Purchase

If you are purchasing this pump as a direct replacement to your original, you will not need to purchase any additional items for installation.

If you are purchasing this pump as an alternate replacement to your original pump, you may need 1/2" spacers (qty. 3) for installation, depending on your motor configuration.  Spacers are used in cases where the engine shaft might "bottom out" in the pump shaft, causing a slight gap in between the legs of the pump and the base of the engine/frame, which if installed without spacers, will damage the pump.  Longer bolts may be required to complete the assembly with spacers, which can be purchased at your local hardware store.

If you are purchasing this pump as an alternate replacement to your original pump, you may need to purchase longer mounting bolts due to the legs of this pump being thicker, for added strength, in comparison to some of the original pumps used.  These bolts can be purchased at your local hardware store.

2.4@3000 PSI (SKU: PWV28/2.5HI)2.4@3000 PSI (SKU: PWV28/2.5HI)
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Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 84003684)Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 84003684)
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Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 7104228)Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 7104228)
Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 308653052 INJECTOR KIT)Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 308653052 INJECTOR KIT)
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Inlet Tube (SKU: AR2840250-KIT)Inlet Tube (SKU: AR2840250-KIT)
O-Ring Seal (SKU: 1001.5391)O-Ring Seal (SKU: 1001.5391)
OUTLET TUBE (SKU: AR2840260-KIT-684314060)OUTLET TUBE (SKU: AR2840260-KIT-684314060)
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