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Surface Cleaner 1/4" MEG Nozzle Kit

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Surface Cleaner 1/4" MEG Nozzle Kit
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Nozzle Kit (2) 1/4"MEG - 15° angle tips for using a Surface Cleaner on wood surfaces

- Specially for use with Surface Cleaners (Please see our AP31022 Surface Cleaner)
- Use with Pressure Washers rated between 2.0 – 2.7 GPM
- Nozzles are 1.5 orifice size (two of these nozzles equals same output of one 3.0 orifice nozzle)
- Fan Tip Set used for Concrete or Wood (especially important to help prevent damage wood surfaces) for increased cleaning efficiency

These nozzles offer wider (less aggressive) surface cleaning coverage than the 0° nozzles - for best cleaning coverage with non-concrete surfaces

(Please see part# AP31022 - Surface Cleaner)

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