Variable Pressure Wand 3.0

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Variable Pressure Wand 3.0
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Variable Pressure Wand 3.0

This variable pressure wand provides 3200 PSI max force. It is 18 in. (45 cm) long and has an adjustable spray pattern. This variable pressure wand 3.0 has both a high pressure and low pressure setting. The orifice size on this variable pressure wand is 3.0.

Our variable pressure wand 3.0 is constructed of high quality materials and works with many different pressure washer models.

If you are not sure if you need a replacement variable wand, we will be happy to help you in accurately diagnosing your pressure washer problem. Then provide an affordable solution. We can then give you the know-how and confidence to replace any of the faulty parts of your pressure washer.  

Variable Pressure Wand 3.0

PSI Rating: 3200
Length: 18 in. / 45 cm.
Spray Pattern: Adjustable
Pressure Settings: High / Low
Orifice Size: 3.0
Also Known As: MH25-032-0000
" 194344dgs
" 194344
" 39-8687-8
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