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Karcher K2400HH & G2400HH

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Link to K2400HH Pressure Washer Parts Breakdown

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Karcher K2400HH Pressure washer parts

AXD 2.4 @ 2,500 (SKU: AXD2524GT-22mm)AXD 2.4 @ 2,500 (SKU: AXD2524GT-22mm)
BXD2527 (SKU: BXD2527G)BXD2527 (SKU: BXD2527G)
Pistol***Supercedes to P/N 064-592-KIT*** (SKU: 9.112-011.0)Pistol***Supercedes to P/N 064-592-KIT*** (SKU: 9.112-011.0)
Lance (SKU: 9.112-508.0)Lance (SKU: 9.112-508.0)
25' 1/4" 3,000 PSI, TWIST COUPLERS (SKU: 1159.00)25' 1/4" 3,000 PSI, TWIST COUPLERS (SKU: 1159.00)
Tips- 3.5 size (SKU: Tip Kit 3.5)Tips- 3.5 size (SKU: Tip Kit 3.5)
Wand Extension - 18" (22mm Euro fittings) (SKU: 1001.2559)Wand Extension - 18" (22mm Euro fittings) (SKU: 1001.2559)
Nozzle Insert (SKU: 4.769-032.0)Nozzle Insert (SKU: 4.769-032.0)
Detergent Assembly (SKU: 2.883-862.0)Detergent Assembly (SKU: 2.883-862.0)
Hi Pressure Valve ***Supercedes to 2.884-872.0*** (SKU: 4.580-331.0)Hi Pressure Valve ***Supercedes to 2.884-872.0*** (SKU: 4.580-331.0)
Drain Plug (SKU: 4.132-007.0)Drain Plug (SKU: 4.132-007.0)
Check Valve Kit (SKU: 4.580-330.0-Kit)Check Valve Kit (SKU: 4.580-330.0-Kit)
Spill Valve****Supercedes to P/N 4.591-040.0**** (SKU: 4.591-036.0)Spill Valve****Supercedes to P/N 4.591-040.0**** (SKU: 4.591-036.0)
Water Seal (SKU: 6.365-394.0-KIT)Water Seal (SKU: 6.365-394.0-KIT)
Washer (SKU: 5.115-720.0-Kit)Washer (SKU: 5.115-720.0-Kit)
Washer Set (SKU: 5.115-721.0-Kit)Washer Set (SKU: 5.115-721.0-Kit)
Oil Seal 12 X 20 X 4 (SKU: 6.365-393.0-KIt)Oil Seal 12 X 20 X 4 (SKU: 6.365-393.0-KIt)
Sleeve (SKU: 5.110-707.0-Kit)Sleeve (SKU: 5.110-707.0-Kit)
Thermal Relief Valve (SKU: 4.580-359.0)Thermal Relief Valve (SKU: 4.580-359.0)
PUMP SAVER (SKU: 85.490.042)PUMP SAVER (SKU: 85.490.042)

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