CV-2400-1MHC pressure washer pump & parts.

CV-2400-1MHC pressure washer replacement parts

CV-2400-1MHC  power washer replacement parts, breakdown, pumps & repair kits.

CV-2400-1MHC Pressure Washer Breakdown

CV-2400-1MHC Owners Manual

CV-2400-1MHC Engine Parts

 2 Pumps were used on this model and the Round style flange ( Faip pump ) is no longer available.

CV-2400-1MHC pressure washer replacement parts & breakdown

Replacement Pump (SKU: 3-0271)
Replacement Hose 25' (SKU: 15-0239)
Replacement Hose - 50' length (SKU: 15-0239-50)
Trigger Gun (SKU: 16-0365)
Adjustable Lance (SKU: 16-0443)
Wand Extension - 21" (22mm Euro fittings) (SKU: 1001.2559)
25' Hose, Gun, Wand, V-Nozzle Kit (SKU: Bit Kit 3.0)
18" WAND & SPRAY TIPS (SKU: AL248-5 Tips-3.0)
Gutter Wand-Long Size with QC Nozzle (SKU: 85.400.032 W/Tip)
Turbo Nozzle - 3,000 PSI (SKU: Turbo Nozzle Kit 3000)
Wheel (SKU: 14-0077)
PUMP SAVER (SKU: 85.490.042)
Pump Oil (SKU: 85.490.000)

CV-2400-1MHC pressure washer replacement pump & breakdown

CV-2400-1MiC pressure washer replacement parts, breakdown, pumps & repair kits.
3-0271 Pressure Washer Full Size Pump Breakdown.

CV-2400-1MHC pressure washer pump parts, breakdown & kits.

Replacement Pump (SKU: 3-0271)
Unloader Assembly (SKU: 70-0446)
O-Ring Kit (SKU: 70-0413)
Oil Seal Kit (SKU: 70-0411)
Valve Kit (SKU: 70-0409)
Seal Kit (SKU: 70-0412)
Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 70-0293)
Inlet Tube (SKU: 46-1179)
Outlet Tube (SKU: 46-1182)
No Return Valve Kit (SKU: 46-1180)
Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 46-0869)
EZ START Kit (SKU: 8-0567)
RM Valve Cap Kit (SKU: 39-0218)
Pump Oil (SKU: 85.490.000)

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