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18' Telescoping Wand (1002.0861)18' Telescoping Wand (1002.0861)
18' Telescoping Wand W/Belt18' Telescoping Wand W/Belt
2.4 @ 2700 PSI2.4 @ 2700 PSI
3.5 @ 4,000 PSI3.5 @ 4,000 PSI
RSV 4 @ 4,000RSV 4 @ 4,000This pump is commonly used on a pressure washer engine that is 11.0 hp or larger.
It can supply 4.0 Gallon per Minute at uop to 4,000 psi when on a 13.0 hp or larger engine.
The pump has 6 check valves, 3 pistons, EZ start valve, chemical injector and a regulator that
allows for release of the trigger and ability of adjusting the presuure down and back up.
The pump has an oil lubricated crankcase for long life and a brass pump head that wont corrode in the elements.
It is recommended that the pump be kept in a non freezing environment or if it cant then its advised to treat the pump
with a pump protector, pump saver preservative to prevent freeze damage.

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