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***This Part is No-Longer Available from the Manufacturer***
1/4 Coupler FPT SS1/4 Coupler FPT SS
1/4 MPT Coupler1/4 MPT Coupler
1/4 Thermal Valve1/4 Thermal Valve
1/4" Coupler - EZ1/4" Coupler - EZ
1/4" Coupler FPT - Stainless Steel1/4" Coupler FPT - Stainless Steel
1/4" FPT Coupler/ QC Socket1/4" FPT Coupler/ QC Socket
1/4" FPT Nipple1/4" FPT Nipple
1/4" MPT Coupler1/4" MPT Coupler
1/4" MPT Coupler1/4" MPT Coupler
1/4" MPT Coupler-EZ1/4" MPT Coupler-EZ
1/4" MPT Nipple1/4" MPT Nipple
15MM x 3/8" Adapter15MM x 3/8" Adapter
190634Gs Outlet Tube190634Gs Outlet Tube190634GS outlet tube is a quality replacement pressure washer pump part. This outlet tube provides the water flow from your garden hose connection through your pressure washer pump and out to your pressure hose and spray trigger gun.
2 OEM Inlet Tubes2 OEM Inlet Tubes
2 OEM Inlet Tubes2 OEM Inlet Tubes
2 OEM Intlet Tube2 OEM Intlet Tube
2 Outlet Tubes2 Outlet Tubes
2 Pack - Outlet Tubes2 Pack - Outlet Tubes
22mm (15MM) Euro Connect x 3/8" FPT22mm (15MM) Euro Connect x 3/8" FPT
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