Campbell Hausfeld PW2002  Pressure Washer Parts

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Campbell Hausfeld PW2002 Pressure Washer Parts

Replaces Original OEM Pump (SKU: PM341000SJ)Replaces Original OEM Pump (SKU: PM341000SJ)
RMW2G24-15mm (SKU: RMW2G24-15MM-KIT)RMW2G24-15mm (SKU: RMW2G24-15MM-KIT)
25' Hose ***Supercedes to P/N 1159.00-14-KIT*** (SKU: PM012900AV)25' Hose ***Supercedes to P/N 1159.00-14-KIT*** (SKU: PM012900AV)
Lance HI/LO 1.00 (SKU: PM243050AV)Lance HI/LO 1.00 (SKU: PM243050AV)
Turbo Nozzle & Wand (SKU: PM243500AV)Turbo Nozzle & Wand (SKU: PM243500AV)

Pump Parts & Repair Kits

No Longer Available (SKU: PM344320SJ)No Longer Available (SKU: PM344320SJ)
Housing Assembly (SKU: PM345200SV)Housing Assembly (SKU: PM345200SV)
Needle Bearing Kit (SKU: PM345202SV)Needle Bearing Kit (SKU: PM345202SV)
Inlet Valve Kit (SKU: PM345203SV)Inlet Valve Kit (SKU: PM345203SV)
Piston Kit (SKU: PM345204SV)Piston Kit (SKU: PM345204SV)
O-Ring Kit (SKU: PM345205SV)O-Ring Kit (SKU: PM345205SV)
Unloader Kit (SKU: PM345207SV)Unloader Kit (SKU: PM345207SV)
Piston Guide Kit (SKU: PM345212SJ)Piston Guide Kit (SKU: PM345212SJ)
Injector Kit (SKU: PM270210SV)Injector Kit (SKU: PM270210SV)
Valve Assembly (SKU: PM270150SV)Valve Assembly (SKU: PM270150SV)
Piston Guide Body (SKU: PM345210SV)Piston Guide Body (SKU: PM345210SV)
Oil Seal Kit (SKU: PM256500SV)Oil Seal Kit (SKU: PM256500SV)

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