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Brute Pressure Washers

Whether washing mold and mildew from your house, removing oil and grease deposits from your driveway, or stripping old finish from your deck, a pressure washer accomplishes the project in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods

Brute Outdoor Power Equipment

Brute™ products are designed to be tough, hardworking and reliable just like you would expect a product by Briggs & Stratton to be. All Brute products are individually tested and inspected to meet strict quality standards assuring you with the ultimate in performance.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy using your new product for many more years to come.

Adjustable Spray Wand
Some models are equipped with an adjustable spray wand that you can adjust the spray angle by turning the tip.

Automatic Cool Down System (Thermal Relief)
Cycles water through pump when water reaches 125 - 155 degrees F. Warm water will discharge from pump onto ground. This system prevents internal pump damage.

Axial Cam
A device (cam) used to transform the rotary motion of the motor/engine into the reciprocating motion of a pump's pistons.

Detergent Injection System
Cleaning detergents are drawn into water stream to make cleaning more effective by allowing detergents to saturate the soiled surface.

A unit of measure for water flow, same as "gallons per minute."

High Pressure Outlet
Connection for high pressure hose.

Same as horsepower, a unit of measure for work.

Same as "overhead valve", an improved way to control exhaust and intake valves on internal combustion engines.

A unit of pressure, same as "pounds per square inch."

A method of eliminating air from a pressure washer so that starting the engine is easier.

Same as "pressure washer."

Same as "revolutions per minute." The amount of revolutions (turns) an engine makes in one minute.

Side Valve
A type of internal combustion engine that uses a conventional "L" type cylinder head with the exhaust and intake valves on the side of the engine.

Spray Gun
Controls the application of water onto the cleaning surface with a trigger.

Thermal Relief
A technique use to reduce the build-up of high temperature water within a pressure washer pump caused when the spray gun trigger is closed.

Turbo Nozzle
A device used to increase the effectiveness of high-pressure water, by spinning a narrow stream of water in a circle at a high speed.

A device used to relive the water pressure within the pump whenever spray flow is blocked.

Variable Pressure Control
A pressure washer feature that adjusts the water pressure to the specific cleaning task.


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