PW0952750 Coleman Powermate PW0952750

Authorized Coleman Powermate Pressure Washer Replacement Parts

Powermate pressure washer PWC863000 Parts

Coleman powermate pressure washer PW0952750 replacement parts

Coleman powermate pressure washer PW0952750 Parts

2.5 @ 2,700 Pump (SKU: A20102)
2.5 GPM @ 2,750 PSI (SKU: PW24/2.3H)
Trigger Gun - 22mm (SKU: Bit101Gun)
Pressure Hose - 25' (SKU: 1159.00-25-14mm)
Tips- 3.0 size (SKU: Tip Kit 3.0)
Wand Extension - 21" (22mm Euro fittings) (SKU: 1001.2559)
Turbo Nozzle - 3,000 PSI (SKU: Turbo Nozzle Kit 3000)
Water Broom - 3 Spray Tip System (SKU: 85.400.060)
Carburetor Assembly (BB61E A) (SKU: 16100-Z1A-003)
GC Air Filter ***Supersedes to P/N 17211-ZL8-023*** (SKU: 17211-ZL8-000)
GC Recoil (Black) (SKU: 31-066)
PUMP SAVER (SKU: 85.490.042)

Coleman powermate pressure washer PW0952750 pump parts

MANIFOLD KIT - 16031 -22mm (SKU: 16031-22mm)
Inlet Check Valve (SKU: 190592GS)
Chemical Injector Kit (SKU: 190593GS)
Unloader (SKU: 190594GS)
Breather Tube Kit (SKU: 190669GS)
Pump Seal Repair Kit (SKU: 193807GS)
Check Valve Kit (SKU: 193806GS)
PUMP SAVER (SKU: 85.490.042)
Pump Oil (SKU: 85.490.000)

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